One night in Nashville…

Liam leaned in close, his mouth little more than a breath away before he veered off course and brought his lips to her ear. “I was waiting to get you alone, Harper. I knew the second I tasted you I’d want everything and I wouldn’t be able to stop until I got it all.”

Her breath hitched at his words and her hands fisted in the fabric of his shirt, holding him tight.

He grazed her earlobe with his teeth before he trailed kisses down her jaw, his scruff rasping against her skin before he covered her mouth with his. His tongue dipped in past her lips, and the second it touched hers she understood exactly what he’d said.

She wanted everything, too…

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Out November 3rd 2015

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#ThanksGiveaway Winners

Posted Dec 1 2015

*** ‪#‎ThanksGiveaway‬ Winners *** Okay, I’ve been working on the list of the winners all morning and into the afternoon (there are SOOO MANY OF YOU), and I’ve finally got you all sorted out. Please, please, PLEASE direct message me on Facebook or email me (shannon[at]shannonrichard[dot]net) the info that is needed.  For those of you who are winning […]


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