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I’ve never been one to write “The End” when coming to the close of a book. That’s because for me, there is no end to my stories. They continue to go on and on inside of my head even after I’ve stopped writing them. That might sound a little crazy, but it just is what it is.

That being said, I was slightly tempted to write it at the end of Untold as it’s the last chapter in the Country Roads series.

I hope you love the final installment just as much as I loved writing it. Brie and Finn’s story was one that brought me many tears, a little heartache, and a lot of joy. 

For those of you who’ve joined me on other journeys in Mirabelle, Florida, you know there is a certain character who likes to cause all sorts of havoc and mayhem in the small town: Bethelda Grimshaw.

Well, you finally learn a little bit more about her, too. I don’t know that you will forgive her in the end, but you might understand her. Now I leave you with the first line of the book:

“Bethelda Grimshaw was dead…”

Intrigued yet? I sure hope so. 

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